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Introducing Australian Dollar Invoicing
and Fixed Freight Rates!

The new Australian Dollar Invoicing and Fixed Freight Rates program will go into effect on Monday, February 15, 2016. To place orders until then in US Dollars, visit Rx Connect by clicking button.

One of the uncertainties of purchasing from the US in US currency is the AUD/USD exchange rate. When you are buying in US Dollars, you don’t know from one day to the next what your final cost will be. We’ve decided to take that unknown out of the equation. Starting immediately, you will be invoiced in Australian Dollars.

Another factor that may affect your motivation to fit SynergEyes lenses is the high cost of freight when ordering few lenses at a time. We want to reduce that cost and at the same time make it a known amount.

We have engaged the services of an Australia-based logistics services company to help us simplify the importation process for SynergEyes fitters. Orders placed in RxConnect will now be billed in Australian Dollars. You will have the option of Pre-Paying the freight which will give you a fixed and known freight amount in Australian Dollars. Orders using the Prepaid Freight Option will be combined with other fitters’ orders into one shipment and dispatched weekly to our logistics provider in Australia. After customs clearance, the individual orders will be immediately dispatched across Australia using a local courier service.

Pay in Australian Dollars

Effective February 15, 2016. Orders placed in Rx Connect will now be quoted and billed in Australian Dollars. This will remove the currency risk, as you will know what your cost is up front.

Prices will be reviewed semi-annually and adjusted if the exchange rate changes more than 10% during the period.

Guaranteed shipping costs when Prepaid Freight Option selected

Never pay more than A$29.00 per shipped lens. The more lenses you order at one time, the lower the shipping cost per lens. For example, if you order four lenses at one time, you will pay A$17.00 per lens.

Number of Lenses OrderedShipment CostShipment Cost per Lens
1 AUD 29.00 AUD 29.00
2 AUD 43.00 AUD 21.50
3 AUD 57.00 AUD 19.00
4 AUD 68.00 AUD 17.00
5 AUD 79.00 AUD 15.80
6 AUD 89.00 AUD 14.83
7 AUD 110.00 AUD 15.71
8 AUD 110.00 AUD 13.75

Increase Your SynergEyes Lens Fitting Success!

One big advantage of buying lenses Warranted is that you can exchange lenses until you get the fit right.  Our US data shows that 46% of successfully fit eyes needed more than one lens to achieve success.  That extra effort (trying a second or third lens) is often the difference between a failed fit and a long term customer.

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