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Great vision from every point of view!

Duette Multifocal provides a premium contact lens option that delivers nearly natural binocular vision at all distances for your moderate to advanced presbyopes while offering exclusive benefits for your practice.

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  • Overview
  • Great Vision
  • Comfortable
  • Straightforward Fit
  • Parameters

duette multifocal overview diagram


    • GP centre delivers crisp, binocular vision at all distances and correction of corneal astigmatism
    • Soft silicone hydrogel skirt provides all-day comfort and extreme oxygen transmission
    • Alignment fitting delivers consistent centration and movement from patient to patient
    • Empirical ordering makes fitting Duette Multifocal simple and straightforward

duette multifocal great vision

    • Progressive aspheric, centre near add zone on top of a distance aspheric GP delivers a seamless progression of powers from near to distance
    • GP centre corrects corneal astigmatism
    • Minimal tear lens provides clearer vision with lower powers for the myope
    • Optical zone has all necessary add power built in to deliver crisp near vision for all presbyopes

duette multifocal diagram

    • Extremely oxygen transmission with 84-Dk silicone hydrogel soft skirt and 130-Dk GP center delivers comfort and corneal health
    • Landing zone design enhances tear exchange and provides all-day comfort
    • Alignment fitting displaces the weight of the lens over a broader surface area for improved comfort

duette multifocal fitting method

    • Empirical ordering reduces the number of fitting visits and delivers a much improved first lens experience to the wearer
    • No need for diagnostic sets or fluorescein
    • Alignment fitting approach produces consistent centration and movement from patient to patient
    • Optical zone has all necessary add power built in so there is no need to refit the patient as presbyopia advances

Parameters-Duette-Multifocal M0111-F

Duette differentiates your practice by giving your patients a premium contact lens option that delivers exceptional vision. It is exclusively available from independent eye care professionals and is not sold online or through mass merchandisers.





”Duette Multifocal contact lenses provide the best quality of optics available for multifocals.”

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