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Now you can call or text effortlessly. Enjoy a good read. And, bring the distance into focus. All at the same time and all without glasses.

  • Overview
  • Great Vision
  • Sun Protection
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable

overview lens Duette

duette multifocal great vision

Duette Multifocal lets you read your map and the road signs.

Duette Multifocal’s rigid center delivers crisp, clear vision that is not dependent on the position of th lens, so your vision stays consistently clear all day and into the night.

Duette Multifocal has different optical zones built into the lens to correct both your ability to focus on near objects, as well as enhancing intermediate and distance vision. With Duette Multifocal, you can enjoy great vision from every point of view!

duette multifocal sun protection

UV Blocker— The “rigid” (GP) portion of the lens includes a UVA and UVB blocker to help protect your eyes from the sun.

duette multifocal breath

Duette Multifocal’s rigid center and soft skirt are made of highly breathable materials, so your eyes get a steady stream of nourishing oxygen throughout the day to keep your eyes white, bright and healthy.


Duette Multifocal’s soft skirt delivers the comfort of a soft contact lens to keep your eyes comfortable from morning until night.


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